Changes to the club following the 2017 AGM

On the 2nd of July our AGM was held, during which there were a number of key changes to the club. Lisa Armstrong - Chairperson, Michael Brooks - Club Capitan, Beth Carbery - Treasurer and Deborah Cameron - Club Secretary have all stepped down.

At the same meeting the following members were elected in to these positions:

Club Chairperson - Matt Southerden
Club Capitan - Scott Graham
Club Treasurer - Paul Watkinson
Club Secretary - Alene Watkinson

The new Club Committee will now hold the following members:

  • Matt Southerden

  • Scott Graham

  • Paul Watkinson

  • Alene Watkinson

  • Miranda Chase

  • Georgina Rennie

  • Beth Carbery

  • Margaret Chase

  • Julie Milne

  • Sean Newcombe

  • Craig Hustler

  • Lisa Armstrong

  • Mark Stankovich

  • Zachary Monk

  • Luke Watkinson

  • Deborah Cameron

I would like to personally thank Lisa, Michael, Beth and Deborah for their service to the club over the past year and the years before this. I must make a special mention to Michael, who has been a big part of every part of Waitak over the previous decade.

As we look to the year ahead, there is a lot for us to achive as we transition to the new committee. Myself and the other committee members will focus on our club's culture. We look forward to creating pathways for players and fostering the love of water polo. I look forward to seeing you all poolside.

 - Matt Southerden

Zach Monk2017