Health and Safety Policy


This Health and Safety Policy was adopted by the Committee Elect on the 10th December 2018. The record of this is formalised in the meeting minutes of the Committee Meeting of the 10th December 2018.  

Health and Safety Act

Waitakere Water Polo Club is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, members and volunteers in providing the information, training and supervision needed to achieve this.

Waitakere Water Polo Club takes responsibility for health and safety procedures; however, employees and members need to be aware of their responsibilities and comply with WWPC Health and Safety Policy.

The employer and employee will meet their obligations under the New Zealand Department of Labour Act April 2016: This approach follows the existing Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. Although casual volunteers and volunteers doing these activities won’t be ‘volunteer workers’ for the purposes of the Act, their health and safety will still be covered by the PCBU’s duty to other persons affected by the work of the business or undertaking.

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015:

The Employer’s duties include

  • Providing and maintaining a safe working environment for employees and others in the workplace.

  • Providing and maintaining facilities for the welfare of the employee while at work.

  • Providing all necessary training and instructions to employees.

  • Making sure machinery and equipment is safe (scoreboards, goals etc).

  • Making sure working arrangements are not hazardous.

  • Providing procedures to deal with work emergencies.

  • Providing Incident Reporting training.

  • Making sure health and safety employee engagement and participation processes are in place.

  • Consulting and cooperating with other businesses operating in the same workplace(s) to keep everyone safe and healthy.

  • Ensuring understanding and compliance with all Auckland Council Health and Safety policies from within the facility which WWPC is operating.

The Employees duties include

The employee will follow the employer’s health and safety rules and procedures. The employee will take reasonable care to look after their own health and safety at work, their fitness for work, and the health and safety of others.

Each employee is encouraged to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace through:

  • Being involved in the workplace health and safety system.

  • Participating in health and safety discussions.

  • Following correct procedures.

  • Reporting any pain or discomfort as soon as possible.

  • Ensuring all serious harm and incidents are reported.

  • Helping new employees, trainees and visitors to the workplace understand the right safety procedures and why they exist. (Health & Safety Induction – signed off)

  • Telling your Manager/Health & Safety Representative immediately of any health and safety concerns.

  • Keeping the workplace tidy to minimise the risk of any trips and falls.

  • Following all reasonable health and safety rules and instructions.

  • Exercising their right to refuse to do unsafe work.

  • Taking reasonable care that their actions (or inactions) do not cause harm, or risk of harm, to themselves or others.

  • Not reporting for duty under the influence of alcohol or drugs that impair their performance or fitness for work.

  • Wearing all necessary personal protective equipment and clothing.

  • The employee must report any accidents, incidents and near misses so the employer can investigate, and eliminate or minimise harm or risk of harm.

  • Failure to follow reasonable health and safety rules may be considered serious misconduct.

Drugs and Alcohol

It is not permitted under any circumstances for an employee to be intoxicated or have the signs of intoxication or drugs whilst on work premises or carrying out work on behalf of Waitakere Water Polo.

Accident Reporting and Investigation

In the event of an accident occurring, at work, resulting in either injury to an employee or where the accident had potential for injury to occur, then the Reporting and Accident Investigation Procedure set out below must be followed.

Accident Reporting

All accidents and incidentals are to be reported whether injury occurred or not.

Accident/Serious Harm resulting in Injury

It is the responsibility of the injured employee to notify Management/H&S Representative of the accident/Serious Harm (ASAP).

  • A copy of the form can be found in the Policy & Procedure file held on the club’s website.

Accident /Serious Harm Investigation

It is the responsibility of Management to investigate both injury and non-injury Accidents/Serious Harm incidents. The details of the investigation are to be recorded on the Accident/Serious Harm Investigation Report Form.

Non-Injury Accident/Near Miss

In circumstances where an Accident/Near Miss occurs that does not result in immediate injury but which could by its nature affect the employee at a later stage, and then this must be reported by the employee to Management/H&S Representative, on site at the time of the accident.

Working at other Facilities

WWPC will ensure all employees are informed of the site safe facilities and responsible persons at all pools that employees are sent to.

It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that while working at other facilities they familiarise themselves with any “Health and Safety” documentation and or induction for a ‘safe working environment’ offered.

Whilst at other facilities / sites employees will abide by the reporting and operational guidelines that that site works under.

  • For any accidents that are reported by employees at other sites, copies of the documentation must be retained by the employee.

  • It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure this documentation is given to the Management when the employee next returns to the office.

Child Safety Policy

While a Child Safety Policy is not part of our Health and Safety Requirements WWPC recognise the importance the Vulnerable Child Act.

Please refer to our Child Safeguarding Policy for more information about the Health and Safety of children.

Event Form Requirements

In Attachment 2, the Event Form is for the Club Administrator to complete and seek appropriate

information from the Event Organisers. The process followed will be as follows:

  • Fill in form for event with each team’s details and email PDF to event organisers.

    If nothing is returned from the event organisers, the Club Administrator will follow up with a phone call and manually fill in the form. A copy of the completed form will then be sent to the event organisers in confirmation of the phone discussion.

  • On receipt of the form from the organisers ensure a copy is emailed to each individual Manager BEFORE the event.

  • Complete the WWPC section on date the details are emailed to each manager.

  • File completed Event Form in Event Folder to be held for 1 year then archived.

NOTE: There will be training held for managers either individually or collectively to ensure they are aware of this process and understand their responsibilities regarding emergency contacts at venues for events held for their teams. On completion of this training they will sign the Training and Instruction Schedule which will be held on file.