The organisation that is now Waitakere Water Polo Club was founded in 1984 as the Mt. Wellington–Panmure Water Polo Club. In its early years, Chairman Simon Curnow was responsible for much of the Club’s development (Mr. Curnow’s 1986 report can be read below). During that period, the Club received significant financial support from the Realty Brokers firm, which was reflected in the Club’s name. Also instrumental in early successes was acclaimed UCLA coach Bob Horn (RIP), alongside player/coach imports Steve Granick and Scott Leonard (USA players who Bob introduced to the Club). In 1990, the Club was recognised as the top Club in New Zealand for the combined finishes of our senior teams at the National Championships (silver for the Men and bronze for the Women). In that year the relationship with Realty Brokers ended, and the Club was renamed to the Waitakere City Water Polo Club, in recognition of an increasing presence in West Auckland and usage of the West Auckland Swimming Centre. The organisation became an incorporated society under that name in 2000.

In 2015, our the Blue Devils were National League champions for the first time – claiming the last title national title that the Club had to yet to win (under the National League format, which was introduced in 2003). The Blue Diamonds also took out the National title in 2017. We have teams across all age groups, from Under 12s through to Seniors. The Under 12 program alongside our Flippa Ball and Year 7 & 8 leagues are key areas for encouraging the uptake of water polo, after which our programs take a development focus. Performance becomes an increasingly important component of the sport as players progress through the age groups toward the Senior program.

Waitakere teams compete in regional competitions through Auckland Water Polo and national competitions through New Zealand Water Polo. We encourage our members to compete to the best of their ability while also promoting enjoyment of the sport.

In 2018, the Club dropped the word 'City' from our name, reflecting local changes to become known formally as Waitakere Water Polo Club – or Waitak informally. 2019 is an exciting year for the Club, marking the 35th anniversary of our founding. Already this year we have become a registered New Zealand charity, which is a significant step for the organisation.