Team Selection Policy


This Team Selection Policy was adopted by the Committee Elect on the 25th January 2019. The record of this is formalised in the meeting minutes of the Committee Meeting of the 25th January 2019. 

Guiding Principles

This Team Selection Policy is guided by WWPC’s principles, which are:

Empower – Our athletes, coaches and officials take up opportunities which are provided to contribute towards their own success.

Encourage – Our athletes, coaches and officials develop their skills and abilities in a team lead environment.

Engage – Our athletes, coaches and officials respect the game of water polo in a fair and challenging way, with respect to each other, other clubs and officials. We support each other in and around the pool, by being role models for each other to inspire others in our love of the sport.

Team Selection Objectives

This Team Selection Policy is guided by the following objectives:

  • To ensure that coaches and players are aware of their duty to act in good faith at all times.

  • To provide players every possible opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

  • To ensure that the selection process applies equally to all players.

  • To aim for continuous improvement of all players and teams.

  • To maintain open lines of communication and cooperation between coaches, players, parents and the committee.

  • To achieve success whilst conducting in a manner that instills pride in our club and earns the respect of opponents and the community in general.

  • To have in place a suitable process to handle issues arising from the team selection process.

Team Selection Staff

The team selection staff will be primarily made up of the age group head coach, team coach(es), development coach and club captain. Other coaches may be involved in the team selection process if deemed necessary. Final team decisions are the sole responsibility of the age group head coach, and their decision is final.

Team Selection Process

The process for team selection is determined by the age group head coach and the development coach and may differ from team to team and season to season. However, players should expect to be tested on a range of skills (e.g. swimming, ball control, game play etc.), and for their attitude and contribution to team dynamics to be taken into account.

Player Expectations

The following is expected from players wishing to be trialed for a WWPC team. Failure to adhere to any of these expectations may impact on a player’s selection.

  • Regularly attend training and advise the coordinator when they are unable to do so.

  • Display a disciplined and respectful attitude:

    • Prior to, during and after training sessions;

    • Prior to, during and after a game;

    • During events and functions.

  • Endeavour to always do their best.

  • Have paid, or arranged to pay, their season fees by the applicable deadline.

Attendance at Trials

Although player attendance at trials is considered compulsory, we recognise that due to circumstances outside of a player’s control, it is not always possible to do so. In these circumstances the player and/or their parent/caregiver must give the team selection staff as much warning as reasonably possible. In such an instance, the team selection staff will make their decision based on existing knowledge of the player’s experience and ability, in consultation with previous coaches (where possible).

Game Time

Game time is the sole discretion of the team coach. Players who accept selection into a Gold team should be aware that they may not receive equal pool time. Players should also be aware that the focus of a team may change during different competitions – i.e. the coach may choose to play their less experienced players to focus on development, or they may choose to play their starting lineup in order to achieve a desired result.

Regional and National Competitions

Teams may be trialed and selected separately for each competition to which they enter. Players should not take their selection into a certain team for one event as a guarantee for any others.

Age Group Focus

WWPC recognises that the focus of sporting participation changes as players progress through our programs; the focus of an Under 12s team will differ from that of a Senior team. At the younger age groups, the focus will predominantly be on development, shifting more toward competitiveness and performance at older age levels. However, the objective of providing equal and quality opportunities to all players underpins all of our programs.

Playing Up Grades

From time to time, players may be selected into multiple teams across different age groups. The team selection process occurs independently for each age group and the team that a player is selected into for one age group should not be taken as a guarantee of the same or similar team selection for any other age groups that the player may be competing in. Members should note that providing opportunities for players in their own age group is the Club’s first priority.


Any complaints related to the team selection process are to be made following the WWPC Complaints Policy. Please note that the decision of the head coach is final in team selection.

Other Policies

This policy is intended to be read and considered in conjunction with all other WWPC policies and procedures, in order to guide the relevant conduct of all persons affiliated to WWPC.